Makgeolli #03 – DaeDaePo Blue Label

KOREAN NAME: 대대포 고급 막걸리 Blue Label 

REVIEW: There are many interesting makgeollis out there but the novelty usually only lasts for a cup and then the flavor becomes too overwhelming. DaeDaePo Blue Label, on the other hand, is able to strike the right balance between complex and easy to drink, making it hands down one of my favorite makgeollis. I should also say that it has a slightly sour banana flavor and I know this can be off-putting for some people. I, for one, can’t stand bananas and yet the flavor adds, rather than detracts, from the overall tasting experience.

Carbonation: Slight.

Body: Watery.

Smell: Although the smell is very faint, you can detect a familiar sweet-sour smell and almost a hint of something citrusy despite the lack of any fruit infusion.

SCORE: 7/7

BREWERY: Jukhyang Tradition Brewery Co. (담양죽향도가)


ORIGIN: Jeollanam-do, Damyang (전라남도, 담양시)

PURCHASED: Gyeonggi-do, Goyang, Ilsan-gu, 2014 Daehanmingook Makgeolli Festival (경기도, 고양시, 일산구, 대한민국 막걸리 축제)

AVAILABILITY: Unfortunately, DaeDaePo Blue Label is not a bottle that you see in either corner stores or supermarkets – at least not in Seoul. Produced in Jeollanam-do, I wonder if it is easier to come by in, say, Gwangju or one of the other larger towns you might visit in the region. The good news is that you can find it in at several makgeolli houses in Seoul, such as Majoong and DooDoo (check my reviews here and here).


INGREDIENTS: purified water, organic rice, honey, purified enzymes, 노근 (nogeun) powder, stevioside (read: stevia)

VOLUME: 750 ml


M#03b (1)

M#03b (2)


7 thoughts on “Makgeolli #03 – DaeDaePo Blue Label

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