Makgeolli #05 – Deoksan Saeng Makgeolli

KOREAN NAME: 덕산 생막걸리

REVIEW: This is both a makgeolli that can be appreciated for its complexity and for its pleasurable drinkability. The pairing of the bitter and sweet flavors leaves you wanting another sip which is often not the case with some high-end makgeollis which are too complicated or aggressive to enjoy for more than a cup. Another point in its favor is that it is an unpasteurized makgeolli. On the con side, I think a lot of people will be disappointed to see that the brewers decided to use aspartame even in such small quantities. Despite this, Deoksan is a lovely makgeolli worth trying.

Carbonation: None.

Body: Watery.

Smell: Slight musky scent.

SCORE: 6/7

BREWERY: Agricultural Community Corporation Sewang (formerly Deoksan Brewery) / 영농조합법인 세왕 (옛 덕산양조장)

WEBSITE: The link that I found on a number of websites – – seems to have been bought by some other blogger. (What he or she is blogging about, I can’t make heads or tails of…) However, The Marmot’s Hole, Robert Koehler’s blog, has some interesting info and several nice pics of the brewery, which was founded in 1929 or 1930. Follow the hyperlink and scroll down to the end of his post.

ORIGIN: Chungcheongbuk-do, Jincheon-gun (충청복도, 진천회성군)

PURCHASED: Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Ggwalla (서울, 광진구, 꽐라)

AVAILABILITY: I’ve never seen this bottle at supermarkets which means it’s not in convenience stores either. Fortunately, I’ve seen it on a number of menus at makgeolli houses in Seoul. (On a side note, it’s worth it to see if your local joomak will sell you bottles. You’d be surprised!)


INGREDIENTS: water, imported wheat, Korean rice, Korean puffed rice, starch, extracted enzyme, yeast, 조효소제 (some type of enzyme), aspartame (.0003%), acesulfame potassium (.0003%)

VOLUME: 750 ml


M#05b (1)


4 thoughts on “Makgeolli #05 – Deoksan Saeng Makgeolli

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