Makgeolli #09 – Saeng Yoosangyoon


REVIEW: Saeng Yoosangyoon is a no-frills makgeolli but I don’t mean this as a criticism. The slight carbonation, dry flavor, and faintly bitter aftertaste successfully pull off the less-is-more aesthetic which indicates that Jeju Makgeolli Brewery has really spent some time fine tuning Yoosangyoon. If you’re not a fan of dry makgeollis, it’s true – this one might not be for you. But for the rest of you sick of the sickly-sweet, aspartame-choked makgeollis, Yoosangyoon will be a welcome change. (I should note, however, that I was disappointed to find aspartame in the ingredients. That being said, the brewery has done a nice job downplaying that flavor.)

Carbonation: High.

Body: Medium thick. Very white in color.

Smell: Is that hallabong? I must be imagining things about this Jeju makgeolli; the island’s most famous citrus fruit is not found in the ingredients (nor in the taste, for that matter) but I still feel like there’s just a hint of hallabong there.

SCORE: 6/7

BREWERY:  Jeju Makgeolli (제주 막걸리)


ORIGIN:  Jeju Island, Jeju (제주도, 제주시)

PURCHASED: Jeju Island, Jeju (제주도, 제주시)

AVAILABILITY: If you’d like to try it, I’m afraid you’ll have to make your way to Jeju: with a shelf life of ten days, it’s unlikely you’ll find this bottle on the mainland.


INGREDIENTS: imported rice (100%), aspartame (.0094%), citrate (.0094%), lactate (.0023%)

VOLUME: 750 ml


(An unpasteurized makgeolli usually has a 30-day shelf life but this bottle explicitly states 10 days.)

M#09b (2)

M#09b (3)


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