Makgeolli #17 – Buyeo Yangsongi Makgeolli

KOREAN NAME: 부여 양송이 막걸리

REVIEW: Like Gondurae (my review here), the makers of Buyeo Yangsongi separate their makgeolli from the pack by infusing it with an unlikely ingredient – mushrooms! (Yangsongi, in fact, is another word for mushroom.)

I have to admit – I picked this one up more for novelty’s sake but I was pleasantly surprised to find the mushroom flavor was paid out to just the right strength. The first sip tastes like what you’d expect from a typical makgeolli but, as the flavor develops, the mushroom adds a rich earthiness and even masks the aspartame flavor to a certain degree. Although it’s still a bit sweeter than I care for, Buyeo Yangsongi is worth a try.

Carbonation: Medium.

Body: Medium thick.

Smell: The smell is your typical makgeolli scent but with just a hint of the special ingredient. You really have to give it a good long inhale to catch the infusion of the mushrooms.

SCORE: 5/7

BREWERY: Baekjae Jeongtongju (백제전통주)


ORIGIN: Chungcheongnam-do, Buyeo-gun (충청남도, 부여군)

PURCHASED: Seoul, COEX, Food Week Korea, Makgeolli Expo (서울)

AVAILABILITY: I haven’t seen this bottle anywhere save the Makgeolli Expo. Without a website, it’ll make Buyeo Yangsongi doubly difficult to find unless, I suspect, you’re in Chungcheong-do.


INGREDIENTS: Korean rice (100%), yangsongi mushrooms (.5%), purified water, isomalto-oligosaccharides, 효모 yeast, enzymes, acesulfame potassium, aspartame

VOLUME: 900 ml





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