Makgeolli #20 – Woorissal Sinseon Makgeolli

KOREAN NAME: 우리쌀 신선 막걸리

REVIEW: Baesangmyun Brewery made a big splash in the makgeolli world when they released Neurin Maul (my review here), a makgeolli that is uncompromising in terms of using natural ingredients in order to make a quality product. With Neurin Maul clearly being their ace, I poured my first cup of Sinseon with low expectations. I mean, Baesangmyun did it: They already made one fantastic makgeolli. The likelihood that they were going to hit the jackpot again was pretty low.

But I was completely wrong. Sinseon is a simple, easy-to-drink brew of makgeolli that is almost pitch-perfect. First off, for being a pasteurized makgeolli, this brew is on a shortlist of makgeollis that don’t use aspartame. And while it is fairly sweet, it’s not overpoweringly so, and I think the lack of aspartame has allowed Baesangmyun to better balance the flavors. Another bonus is that the aftertaste has a very clean, natural tang.

Sinseon is, as I mentioned, pasteurized. This means that the body suffers in terms of depth, especially as there is zero carbonation. And then again, maybe its weakness is its strength. I mean, it’s kind of nice to have a tasty makgeolli that you can keep on hand (pasteurized makgeollis typically keep for a year) for any unforeseen makgeolli emergency.

Carbonation: None.

Body: Very watery. The brew stays well-gelled after it is shaken.

Smell: Mellow vanilla scent.

SCORE: 6/7

BREWERY: Baesangmyun Brewery (배상면주가)


ORIGIN: Gyeonggi-do, Pocheon (경기도, 포천시, 화현면)

PURCHASED: Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, E-Mart (서울, 광진구)

AVAILABILITY: Sinseon can be found at E-Mart and most other big supermarkets.


INGREDIENTS: Korean rice (14.7%), water, liquid fructose, nitrous carbohydrate, coenzyme, citrate, 효모 yeast, lactate

VOLUME: 750 ml





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