Jinro Makgulli

Makgeolli #27 – Jinro Makgulli

KOREAN NAME: 진로 막걸리 REVIEW: I really never expected to find makgeolli in the tiny town of Ashland, Oregon. And then, without even looking for it, a bottle of Jinro Makgulli was staring me in the face at a high-end, local store called Market of Choice. Even more surprising: Jinro Makgulli is not horrible. Advertisements

Hayan Sool Makgeolli

Makgeolli #26 – Hayan Sool

KOREAN NAME: 하얀술 REVIEW: When I was going over the menu at Makgeolli Hakkyo (막걸리 학교) in Isu, I asked the owner if he had something that was aspartame-free but still a bit sweet. He handed me a bottle of Hayan Sool and it was love at first sip.

First Korean Market

Makgeolli in the USA

I was recently back in the U.S. for a long overdue vacation which meant two things: I had to back-catalogue (read: drink) several bottles before my trip so I could continue to post while away. And… I had the perfect opportunity to see what makgeolli is available in my small corner of the States. The…

Gapyeong Jat Makgeolli

Makgeolli #25 – Gapyeong Pine Nut Makgeolli

KOREAN NAME: 가평잣 생막걸리 REVIEW: A couple of years ago I remember trying Gapyeong Pine Nut (or Gapyeong Jat as it’s called in Korean) and the nutty flavor really put me off. No surprises as jat (잣) is the Korean word for pine nut. Since then, I’ve avoided it even if it meant getting Seoul Jangsoo or…

iCing Takes Best of Show

From Jeana Shin’s article at BusinessKorea: “Kooksoondang submitted its iCing rice wine (sake in Japanese, makkeoli in Korean) in the Sake Division at the International Eastern Wine Competition 2015, which was held in Sonoma County, California, last month. The rice wine received 3 awards at the competition – Double Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Show. …About…

Seonho Saeng Makgeolli

Makgeolli #24 – Seonho Saeng Makgeolli

KOREAN NAME: 선호 생막걸리 REVIEW: If you’re passing through the makgeolli aisle of E-Mart, you may notice a bright, blue bottle sticking out from all the competitors. This would be Seonho Saeng Makgeolli and the color of the bottle is not its only noteworthy attribute. The front of the label proudly features the words “아스파탐 무첨가”, or…

Policy Changes to Aid Dwindling Makgeolli Exports

According to a recent Korea Joongang Daily article, “Starting this year, conglomerates can produce and export makgeolli (Korean rice wine) if it is produced jointly with small and midsize businesses. Korean National Commission for Corporate Partnership on Tuesday decided to lift the ban for three years to try to revitalize sagging consumer goods businesses.” The…