Makgeolli Exports Increasing in Southeast Asia

From an article at The Chosun Ilbo:

“Whereas exports of makgeolli to China and Japan have declined, shipments to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam continue to expand.

Kooksoondang, which specializes in traditional and brewed beverages, said its exports of makgeolli to the region last year jumped 53 percent from 2013 to US$711,000.”

Read the whole article at The Chosun Ilbo here.

And from an article at BusinessKorea by Jung Yeon-jin:

“The company exported makgeolli and traditional liquor worth US$711,000 (776.06 million won) to the Southeast Asian region last year. The figure is a 52.5 percent increase from US$466,000 (508.64 million won) in 2013 and a 381.6 percent increase from 2010. 

The main products exported are the company’s unrefined makgeolli “Kook Saeng Mak,” makgeolli cocktail “iCing,” fruit-based makgeolli “Nature-inspired Makgeolli,” and ginseng-based makgeolli “Mimong.” 

Kooksoondang secured the local network with more than 100 sales outlets in each major Southeast Asian country such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. The reason why Korean makgeolli is so popular in Southeast Asia is that it is considered to be a high-quality alcoholic beverage being sold in department stores and hotels. In particular, the cocktail-like canned makgeolli iCing is popular with younger customers, the company said.”

Read the whole article at BusinessKorea here.


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