Makgeolli #30 – Ee:FF


REVIEW: If I were to grade Seoul Jangsoo’s peculiarly named Ee:FF on a curve, especially when compared to Seoul Jangsoo Saeng Makgeolli, then it is not terrible. The aspartame seems to have been reined in and the taste, while sweet, is not saccharine. I’d even go so far as to say that the inherent metallic flavor of the aspartame is very minimal. But ultimately there is very little to recommend Ee:FF; it is basically insipid, slightly fizzy soda water.

Ee:FF (pronounced “eepu”, which seems to me to be the Korean pronunciation for “if”) is Seoul Jangsoo’s second foray into the world of canned makgeolli after their canned version of Walmae.

What sets Ee:FF apart from its counterpart is the lower alcohol content: Ee:FF is only 3% ABV. According to the ad copy below, “Plus a refreshing sweet flavor and tenderness pipe is plus low-alcohol beverages is a new generation of makgeolli targeting women and young people as.” The half of that I do understand would make it seem like Seoul Jangsoo wants to get in on the ground floor with Minyeodeul Gwa, me3%, and other low-ABV canned makgeolli.

Ee:FF only Seoul Jangsoo could make something quality!


Carbonation: Medium.

Body: Watery.

Smell: The smell is more or less nonexistent. Maybe a sour note can be detected but it is faint.

SCORE: 2/7

BREWERY: Seoul Jangsoo (서울 장수)


ORIGIN: Seoul (서울)

PURCHASED: Seoul, COEX, Food Week Korea, Makgeolli Expo (서울)

AVAILABILITY: Available at some E-Marts and Homepluses.


INGREDIENTS: Korean rice (90%), multi-oligosaccharide (10%), aspartame

VOLUME: 350 ml


Ee:FF Makgeolli

Ee:FF Makgeolli


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