Sool #36 – Jeonju Ae Moju


REVIEW: I’ve encountered moju three times: Jeonju Moju (read my review here if you want to some background on what moju is and for a comparison review), some homemade moju I bought from a little old lady in Jeonju, and now Jeonju Ae Moju.

And because I’ve tried so few, it’s difficult to rate them competently or distinguish their specific charecteristics. In fact, I find many of the points I want to make for Jeonju Ae are identical to my review for Jeonju Moju. That is, Jeonju Ae has a very raisinesque tartness from the jujube and nice hints of cinnamon and ginger to accent the flavor. The brew is incredibly sweet, yet it leaves you wanting another sip. Fair warning, though: Jeonju Ae does have aspartame but the stronger ingredients I mentioned previously almost cover it up… almost.

The other fun thing about Jeonju Ae is that you can get it in a little 200 ml flask; perfect for a road drink or for sneaking swigs at a bar.

Carbonation: None.

Body: Medium thick. Jeonju Ae, like most other moju, is a chocolaty brown.

Smell: Again, Jeonju Ae has a very present scent of cinnamon and jujube, but there’s also something a bit sharp and sugary too.

SCORE: 3/7

BREWERY: Cheonnyeon Juga (천년주가)

WEBSITE: /    

ORIGIN: Jeollabuk-do, Namwon, Jucheon-myeon (전라북도, 남원시, 주천면)

PURCHASED: Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju (전라북도, 전주시)

AVAILABILITY: This bottle is incredibly easy to find in Jeonju, especially in Hanok Village (한옥 마울).


INGREDIENTS: purified water (79.48%), Korean rice (4.89%), extracted enzymes, American and Australian wheat (9.78%), purified enzymes (.01%), aspartame (.01%), leavened yeast (.01%), fructose (1.11%), plant concentrate (4.44% – jujube, ginger, cinnamon, sugar, arrowroot, licorice)

VOLUME: 200 ml (also comes in a 750 ml bottle)

PASTEURIZED: Yes (1 year)

Jeonju Ae Moju


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