Is Korean Makgeolli the Next Big Sparkling Wine?

From J.M. Hirsch’s article for the Associated Press via CTV News:

“Bubbles are the beverage of the moment, particularly bubbles that aren’t Champagne. It’s a trend that has folks clamouring for cava and prosecco, but for some reason nobody it talking about makgeolli.

That might have something to do with most people not knowing how to pronounce it, or what it is. But if you like bubbles — and if something lightly sweet and refreshing sounds about right for summer — makgeolli (pronounced MACH-go-lee, though spelled any number of ways) is an offbeat sparkling wine worth getting to know. Not that it will be easy.

Makgeolli is a fermented rice wine from Korea, and you may have to hunt a bit to find it in the U.S. Some Asian grocers sell it, but your best bet is at liquor stores located in or near Asian communities.

Read the whole article at CTV News here.

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