Slow City Brewery, Pioneers of Makgeolli Brewing in the U.S.

From Anne Schamberg’s article at the Journal Sentinel:

“‘Not a lot of people know about it here,’ said Jane Oh. ‘But with the blossoming of Korean cuisine in the United States, there’s an increased interest in Makgeolli.’

Jane’s father, John Oh, founded Slow City Brewery in Niles, Ill., in 2013. And, so far, it’s the only company producing this traditional Korean imbibe in the United States…

She explained that Slow City Brewery is associated with Baesangmyun Brewery, one of South Korea’s most popular Makgeolli producers. And it’s from them that her father got the starting culture for his own fermentation process.

The Illinois brewery’s distribution is limited to the Chicago area, so the vast majority of Makgeolli sold in the U.S. is imported from South Korea…

Slow City ferments traditionally, using neither preservatives nor aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in many other brands. The result is a naturally effervescent wine that is not shelf stable and continues to evolve after bottling. A slightly perforated cap allows the Makgeolli to breathe…

One Milwaukee restaurant serving Makgeolli imported from South Korea is Stone Bowl Grill, 1958 N. Farwell Ave.”

Read the whole article at the Journal Sentinel here.



2 thoughts on “Slow City Brewery, Pioneers of Makgeolli Brewing in the U.S.

  1. I was at a Korean grocery store in Chicago recently, and bought a few bottles of Slow City makgeolli. The breathable (perforated) bottle cap is not leak-proof, so keep the bottles upright, or else. This was the best makgeolli I’ve ever had: fresh, not very carbonated, and best of all it has not been artificially sweetened. I think the brewery gives tours, and I’ll try to tour this brewery next time I’m in town.

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  2. Oh, man, I’m so jealous, Steve! I hope I can make it there one day as I’m very curious to compare Slow City to Neurin Maeul (느린마을), the brewery’s offering here in Korea. Please let us know how the tour is if you end up going!


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