2015 Jarasum Makgeolli Festival (Update)

Just in case you missed the earlier post about the upcoming makgeolli events, the Jarasum Makgeolli Festival kicks off this weekend. The good people from MMPK and the Makgeolli Makers created an event page on facebook with lots of good info. In addition to a whole weekend of enjoying your favorite tipple, you can:

  • visit the Expat Makgeolli Tasting Booth
  • try your hand at making your own makgeolli (for free!)
  • make a call about who made the best brew in the Annual Expat Makgeolli Brewing Contest
  • race to win the Makgeolli Scavenger Hunt

Even better, check out Julia Mellor’s piece in Groove Magazine for a full explanation of the various festival events.

On a related note, KBS World Radio did a short write-up on the festival that is worth checking out. From the article:

“To help boost the market of traditional Korean alcoholic drinks, the association hosts the makgeolli festival on the last Thursday of October every year, which also marks Makgeolli Day. The inaugural festival was held in 2011.”

Date: October 29 – November 1
Venue: Jarasum Island Camping Ground
Cost: Entrance to the festival grounds is free. ₩3,000 gets you into the main tent, as well as a free bottle of makgeolli.


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