The Other Makgeolli School

Takjoo Journals has proselytized Susubori Academy up and down the streets of Korea but Susubori is not the only hope. There is another! A recent Korea Herald article takes an inside look into Seoul’s Makgeolli School. From the article:

“The students of the 10-week course are of all ages, with the youngest in his 20s and the eldest men with graying hair. They have little in common except their interest in learning about makgeolli, a Korean liquor made with rice, beyond what they can learn through common knowledge and searching the Internet.

‘Some people come here to study and eventually open their own brewery, but most of us come here just as hobbyists,’ said Jeon Sang-gil, one of the students. He said that he had been with Makgeolli School since level 1, and now he is a level 2 student. In level 1, a separate 10-week course, the students gain general knowledge about makgeolli and taste different kinds to experience different flavors and textures. In level 2, students start to create their own recipes for makgeolli and make them…

The students received a background lecture each week on different aspects of making makgeolli, before getting to the hands-on process. The lectures provide crucial information that help the students choose ingredients for their own creative recipes. According to the instructor, past students had made concoctions like apple makgeolli, banana makgeolli and coffee makgeolli…

‘It’s great as a hobby,’ said Lee Jae-yeong, another student. ‘I get to make what my grandmother used to make, what our ancestors made. It’s wonderful.’

Keep in mind that Makgeolli School holds classes in Korean only and the fee for the 10-week classes is ₩550,000. Makgeolli School is located between Anguk Station and Gyeongbokgung Station, right across from Gyeongbokgung Palace. For more information, check out or call (02) 722-3337. Read the whole Korea Herald article here.


2 thoughts on “The Other Makgeolli School

  1. It is an interesting information, and I am quite sure there are more schools in Korea teaching traditional brewing techniques. But, as far as I know, Susubory Academy is the only one with classes in English language. Which is the distinctive value for people lacking Korean language skills, like me.
    The Seoul’s Makgeolli School website is in Korean only, and this simple fact makes me suppose their target is not the international community (yet).
    And it ‘s not just a matter of language.
    It takes a great effort to correctly interpretate the cultural values behind a traditional heritage, such as brewing Makgeolli and other rice wines, from its original language and transfer in the proper way to the international community. And this is something people from Susubory Academy are doing as well.
    Korean culture is full of gems, hidden by language and cultural barriers, we are eager to discover.

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    • Well said, Alessandro! Yes, I’m aware of one other school as well as one or two smaller programs where people can try their hand at making makgeolli. Of course, they don’t seem to be as high-profile as Susubori or Makgeolli School but just the fact that they exist and their is interest is incredibly encouraging to me!


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