Makgeolli Brewers Consider Dropping the Cream

The “cream” in question is actually the milky-white sediment that settles at the bottom of a bottle or your glass (if you ever let it sit that long). According to the article, many in the industry think the sediment detracts from sales as it doesn’t fit with modern tastes. Alas, journalists Chun Ji-hyun and Park Eun-jin never name the brewers that are considering this move or how far this push might go. From the Pulse article:

“Makgeolli brewers are experimenting with cocktail mix to win back customers. But their attempts are constrained by the country’s strict regulation to maintain the thickness or cloudiness in the drink. Makgeolli must contain concentrate of 18 ECB (erosion control blankets, a measure of turbidity).

The industry claims it needs to lessen the white concentrate in order to give it a clearer and clean look and flavor especially for the Japanese who lost initial interest in the milky Korean drink due to its tepid taste. It argues the guideline on the thick concentrate in makgeolli prevents its evolution to meet modernized and westernized taste.

But government authorities insist the tax levy according to the turbidity level is necessary to uphold the traditional and unique characteristic of the yogurt-like brew.” 

Read the whole Pulse article here.


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