Sansawon’s Historical Look at Traditional Korean Liquor

Compared to the kind of alcohol tourism you can do elsewhere in the world, Korea is very limited. Which makes it even more imperative that you visit Sansawon Sool Gallery. Beyond being on the same grounds as Baesangmyeon Brewery’s HQ, it is a beautiful space dedicated to educating people about Korean sool (read: alcohol). From Julie Jackson’s Korea Herald article:

“The quaint museum — about a two-hour drive from central Seoul — exhibits various wooden tools and artifacts that were once used in people’s homes to make rice-based alcoholic drinks for the household and visiting guests.

‘The gallery is a brief representation of how our ancestors used to make alcohol,’ said Lee, pointing to the array of wooden farm-like tools and storage vats the museum showcases. ‘You may notice that most of the artifacts that were used to brew liquor back then were not much different from ordinary household utensils because everything was prepared and brewed in the home and not a large factory.’

…For those interested in a more interactive approach to their day of educational booze-filled fun, the Sansawon also offers a home brewing class that provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about traditional liquor culture as well as offering guest hands-on tutorials on how to make their own, home-brewed creations (advance reservations are required). 

Sansawon opens on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with admission cost listed at 2,000 won. For more information, visit”

Fair warning: The only downside to visiting Sansawon is the complete lack of information in other languages. Read the whole Korea Herald article here.


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