A Guide to North Korean Food & Drink

Takjoo Journals focuses on makgeolli in South Korea and, admittedly, mainly only in Seoul. So, how cool is it to hear about our favorite tipple from our radical neighbor to the north?! As general manger of Koryo Tours, a North Korean tour company, Simon Cockerell has somehow finagled his way into the country over the last 14 years and has some things to say about the food and drink of the Democratic People’s Republic. Honestly, this is worth a read even if it didn’t have anything to do with makgeolli! From Jamie Fullerton’s Vice Munchies article:

“‘Makgeolli is a drink made with the same process as making soju; it’s not as alcoholic and looks milky. It’s nice, but in North Korea it’s a bumpkin drink: the [byproduct] of something better. But if you go to Seoul, you can get all kinds of flavoured makgeolli and people drink it in hipster bars.

‘For Koreans, it’s like scrumpy: something drunk by your idiot cousins in the countryside, not an urban sophisticate. You can get makgeolli in Pyongyang, but people think it’s a bit funny if you buy it. It’s a backwards thing.'”

Read the whole Vice Munchies article here.



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