House #03 – DooDoo (UPDATE)

Takjoo Journals wended its way back to the House of DooDoo, and I am ashamed to say that I haven’t returned since the first time I reviewed it way back in 2014. This is through no fault of its own—It’s not you, DooDoo. It’s me.—Hyehwa is just a bit of trek. Suffice it to say, this house is even better than I remember.


FOOD: I usually don’t eat dinner at joomak. Not because I don’t like the food; I just don’t want it to get in the way of the makgeolli. But, this time, my partner in harms and I were ravenous so we ordered the bossam and it was awesome! Just look at this beauty:



MAKGEOLLI: There! Now we can get to the meat of the matter and talk booze. One thing I noticed is that DooDoo still has a far-ranging makgeolli selection, and, if you’re not too picky, there’s a whole world to explore. Some of the notables out of the regular selection:


However, I was remiss in my previous post for not talking about what a tremendous “premium” makgeolli selection DooDoo carries:

  • Jaheehyang Takju (자희향 탁주)
  • Jaheehyang Gookhwaju (자희향 국화주)
  • Cheonbihyang Takju (천비향 탁주)
  • Cheonbihyang Yakju (천비향 약주)
  • Song Myeongseob (송명섭)
  • Samiinju (사미인주)
  • Boksoondoga Son Makgeolli (복순도가 손 막걸리)
  • Soola Gwahaju (술아 과하주)
  • Baekseolgongju  (백설공주)
  • Gotaek Chapssal Saengju (고택 찹쌀 생주)
  • Samyangchun (삼양춘)
  • Gaetbangpoong Makgeolli (갯방풍 막걸리)

The prices were on the hefty side for these but you really can’t go wrong. And, if you’re this deep in the DooDoo, you may as well.



Make sure to check the chalkboard as they had things here that weren’t on the menu.


SERVICE: Normally this is not a serious sticking point for me as long as my order is remembered and doesn’t take too long to get the table. However, after a recent visit to a certain other joomak that shall remain nameless (but not linkless!), my visit to DooDoo was in striking contrast.

When our server found out we had a real interest in makgeolli, he must have spent half an hour explaining the origins of the brews, the temperaments and techniques of this brewer and that, and, best of all, plying us with samples of several bottles in the process. I have found that joomak service industry people are generally incredibly eager to please when anyone takes an interest in sool, and our server went above and beyond.

I can’t recommend DooDoo highly enough!

For directions and a map, follow the link and scroll to the bottom.



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