“Makgeolli Baptism” Hazing

Although this is out of Takjoo Journals’ wheelhouse, we always wants to deliver the news, whatever form it may take, when it comes to our favorite brew. From Lim Jeong-yeo’s article in the Korea Herald:

In the shot that immediately went viral, a group of students were shown lined up with hands politely clasped in front while an older-looking student poured makgeolli, milky fermented alcohol, over their bowed heads. Pieces of unidentifiable filth were blended in with the drink.

“I find it difficult to accept this should be called a ‘tradition’ as is done in my brother’s department,” the original whistle-blower who claimed to be a freshman’s brother captioned the photo.

Additional photos were released following the first leak, in which students were shown standing in plastic buckets bound with tape while being splashed with the same tangy beverage.

According to a Dong-a University spokesperson, the controversial event was administered by a soccer club within the Chemical Engineering department earlier in the month in an imitation of Korean folk ritual to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

“During the makgeolli ‘baptism,’ freshmen were taped up immobile. The liquid had cigarette butts, used tissues and phlegm mixed within,” a person who claimed knowledge of the incident said in a social media thread that exploded with criticism from enraged students.

Read the whole Korea Herald article here.


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