Vice Visits Damotori ㅎ

Haebangchon’s little joomak that could, Damotori ㅎ (다모토리 ㅎ), got a nice write up in Vice’s food website Munchies. I haven’t been there yet but this article has convinced me it’s worth a visit. From David Volodzko’s article:

When I ask about the name of the place, he says it’s an old term for a bar that sells soju in large bowls. When I later check Naver’s dictionary, I find that it’s a sunurimal, or pure Korean word not taken from Chinese or Japanese, which means “to drink soju from a large cup” or “a house that sells soju in large cups.”

About six years ago, when Damotori opened, Korea suffered from a scarcity of options. Most people drank fair to middling soju, and soju distillers were making bricks without straw by using tapioca instead of rice. But then came Craftworks, about two blocks from where Damotori is today, offering a selection of microbrew beers. This was followed by Magpie, and soon every bar in the area was carrying a broad selection of high-quality beers. Small-batch sojus hit the market next, and that’s when Kim decided someone needed to preach the truth about makgeolli…

Kim says the first time he tried makgeolli he was 20 and, not long after, he got so sick on the stuff he wouldn’t touch it for another ten years. During that time, like most Koreans, he stuck with soju and beer. But, on a trip to Osaka, he wandered into a bar and was dumbstruck by the quality and variety of sake…

And although Damotori is a small affair, he says (there are currently six people working at the bar, including Kim and his mother), he hopes to open a second branch near City Hall in two years. His ultimate goal is very simple.

“I want to inform people,” Kim says. “I want to make people happy.”

Read the whole Munchie’s article here. If you want some more information on location, hours, etc., check this SeoulFoodie article here.


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