Baesangmyun Dreams of Hundreds of Microbreweries in Seoul and Beyond

Bae Young-ho has a dream: 300 microbreweries peppered all over Seoul producing freshly fermented makgeolli. After that? The world!

It sounds beautiful to us here at Takjoo Journals but will he be able to make it a reality? Well, the fact that Bae Young-ho is the CEO of the famed Baesangmyun Brewery is a good start. From Kim Eun-jung’s article in Yonhap News:

Bae Young-ho, CEO of BSM Brewery, said he wishes to have 300 microbreweries, in spaces as small as three square meters, in the capital city to revive the home-brewing culture that thrived until the 1960s…

While Bae had to undergo complicated procedures to get approval from authorities to open a brewery pub in 2011, he is now ready to embark on the next ambitious plan to bring a renaissance to home brewing culture. The first shop is scheduled to open in Yeonnam-dong, the latest hotspot in western Seoul, and many more are slated to open later this year…

The key to success will be how to simplify the brewing technology and manual labor to allow more independent restaurant owners to make their own liquor regardless of the size of their shop.

The ultimate goal is aimed at building a wide fan base for quality products and expanding its presence in the global market to compete with Japanese rice wine, widely known as sake. Bae said his first targets are rice-eating regions, including Asia and South America, hoping to open breweries in the United States within three years.

He said the time is ripe for Korean traditional liquor to expand its global presence, as Korean cuisine has drawn more interest compared with a decade ago thanks to the popularity of its pop culture. “We don’t have to have an inferiority complex about Korean food. Korean liquor and food have already risen to the global level,” he said. “We have to look at it from a local perspective.”

Read the whole Yonhap News article here.


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