International Safety Standards for Makgeolli

South Korea’s new tactic to bump makgeolli exports is to codify makgeolli standards in terms of “basic conditions, including the definition, range and structural elements of makgeolli”. At least that’s the plan: The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs wants to submit a draft of the new codes at the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s September meeting. What this means for makgeolli-lovers here in Korea remains unclear. But, if I had to take a stab, I’d say the answer is ‘very little’; I would imagine that the makgeolli that gets exported is different from the product that is sold in Korea. And even if it is the same, we’re talking about pasteurized makgeolli, which is barely the same drink we know and love. Exported makgeolli is invariably pasteurized so as to be able to stay on the shelf longer. From the Yonhap News article:

South Korea plans to submit a draft on the international food standard for makgeolli, as part of its efforts to export the indigenous traditional rice wine overseas, the agricultural ministry said Wednesday…

The ministry said it aims to establish an international food standard for makgeolli and the presentation is the first of eight procedures leading up to CAC international food standardization.

Read the whole Yonhap News article here.



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