Makgeolli Exports on the Rise

About every 4-6 months it is requisite that a news agency trot out statistics of how makgeolli exports are faring. An essential point of these articles is to compare current figures to those of the bygone era of 2011. From the Chosun Ilbo article:

A wide range of new makgeolli products has captivated consumers in Korea, while diversified markets have led to a rise in exports.

Makgeolli sales at Lotte Mart plunged 13.3 percent in 2013 but grew 22.2 percent so far this year. In April, carbonated and fruit-flavored makgeolli were popular, driving up overall sales…

Kooksoondang began exporting its fruit-flavored makgeolli to 16 countries in 2013 and saw exports rebound in 2014. Now it sells them to 25 countries and sales grew 16.2 percent last year.

Makgeolli exports to China rose 70 percent from 1,306 tons in 2011 to 2,230 tons last year. Over the same period, exports to Hong Kong rose 11-fold, to Singapore threefold and to Cambodia rose 10-fold.

Read the whole Chosun Ilbo article here.

You can read more about Kooksoondang’s fruit-flavored makgeolli in the Business Korea article here.



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