Homebrew #07 – Beobju

Not only is Beobju fun to say but the translation is also pretty stellar: Beobju literally means Law Booze. The most famous example of this by-the-book tipple is Kyodong Beobju, which comes in a ceramic bottle decorated with an iconic blue crane. According to their website, their family recipe goes back to the early 17th century!…

Jeju Omegisul

Sool #60 – Jeju Omegisul

KOREAN NAME: 제주 오메기술 REVIEW: Wandering through various department store liquor corners, a certain bottle with interesting star-burst patterns has popped up again and again. I finally decided to take a chance on Jeju Omegisul yakju and see if the taste lives up to the attractive packaging.

Pungjeong Sagye

Sool #59 – Pungjeong Sagye Chun

KOREAN NAME: 풍정 사계 춘 REVIEW: Pungjeong Sagye Chun (PSC) cheongju is one of the unexpectedly delightful finds that I came across at COEX’s Wines & Spirits Expo 2016. Hwayang’s booth was not ostentatious, nor did they make an overt effort to attract visitors. Even after stopping and asking for a sample, the rep at the booth simply let PSC do…


Homebrew #06 – Seoktanju

If you’re wondering what Seoktanju (석탄주) tastes like, look no further than the modern-day expert, Midam Brewery. I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Midam and try her brews at the 2016 Wines & Spirits Expo. As she poured me a cup of her delicious Songhwa Takju, I timidly said that I was brewing Seoktanju. She asked me how…