Takjoo Journals’ Second Anniversary

Two years ago I stopped by a corner store in my neighborhood and and bought a weird, plastic bottle of booze. After a few bemusing sips, I thought, “I need to remember this makgeolli so I never, ever make the mistake of buying it again.” Thus, Takjoo Journals was born! But, I am grateful for this bad bottle because it has led me to taste some astounding brews, meet knowledgeable and helpful people,  learn the ins and outs of sool history and the industry in general, try my hand at homebrewing, and most importantly have a really, really good time. And for a silly little labor of love, that’s all I can really ask for.

I thought it might be a laugh to look back at the First Anniversary post to see where I delivered on my promises and where I totally failed.


Wine & Spirits09

More Reviews of “Premium” Sool

Success! I wrote quite a few reviews of high-quality bottles. If you haven’t read them all but just want the highlights, go back and check out these posts:

As you would expect, look for more reviews of quality makgeolli in the coming year.


Aoi Sora

More Reviews of Joomak

Failure… I only managed to write a review for Aoi Sora and an update for DooDoo. This despite discussing where you can get hard-to-find brews and going to several new houses. I hope to get reviews posted on Makgeolli Hakkyo, Tricycle, Nuruk Namu, and more before next year rolls around.


More News

Success! I can’t really create news content but I tried to link to every article of interest. Now I just need to get better at  putting the links up in a more timely manner. 화이팅! Here are some articles worth revisiting:


Frankl Lecture

More Op-Ed Pieces

Utter failure… I didn’t write one op-ed article this year but not for lack of  wanting to. However, I did write a number of event and activity reviews that I’m pleased with:

I don’t have many op-ed pieces planned this year but I hope to add one or two articles in the “… Explained” series. (See Dongdongju Explained.)


2 Double Down-yangjuMore Homebrewing

Big success! Probably the biggest reason for not doing more op-eds is that I’ve been focusing more attention on homebrewing. In addition to writing articles about brewing, I’ve written about seven of my own homebrewing experiments. Best of the best:

I have big brewing plans this year so expect a lot more content here.


Anyway, thanks for checking the site; it means a lot to me! And as always, I love to hear your questions and comments so please keep them coming. Keonbae, everyone!

Second Anniversary



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