Bear Yogurt Makgeolli Maker

Has China changed the landscape of makgeolli brewing forever? Can one machine make yogurt, fruit smoothies, and makgeolli? Is this the future?

The dubiously titled site Qoo10 is now advertising a little something called the Bear Yogurt Makgeolli Maker. Although I can’t read Chinese characters, it would seem that for USD $41.00, this rice cooker-looking machine will allow every man, woman, and child to make makgeolli with the simple push of a button.

So, I’m putting the call out: I need an intrepid reader to take the plunge, buy a Bear Yogurt Makgeolli Maker, and tell us if it really works. And then tell us if you can make yogurt smoothie  makgeolli.

Buy your own Bear Yogurt Makgeolli Maker here.


3 thoughts on “Bear Yogurt Makgeolli Maker

  1. Got my wife to read it over. There are two settings: either yogurt or rice wine. Rice wine is “米酒” — look up mijiu on wikipedia. About halfway through that page, there are two 3-step recipes illustrated. The first has an orange label and is for yogurt. The second recipe has a green label and is for rice wine. The first step is to add rice, water and starter (酒曲 — look up jiuqu on wikipedia). The picture shows it taking only 36 minutes, and the final picture is the rice balls in rice wine soup, which would not have a lot of alcohol in it. Hope someone tries this out and reports back to you!

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  2. Since they use the Chinese characters, one wonders if this is actually Chinese liquor or if they’re just using these characters as stand-ins for the Korean words. Either way, this is great stuff, Jeff! Please pass my thanks on to your wife.


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