The Straits Times’ Profile of The Sool Company

So much has been written about The Sool Company (formerly The Makgeolli Mamas & Papas) but it’s still a treat to see them spreading the good word of Korean alcohol to other corners of the world, in this case Singapore. From a recent article in The Straits Times:


Non-Korean speakers here looking to gain an insight into traditional alcohol will find information scarce. The Sool Company seeks to fill this void and educate people through tastings, brewing classes and tours so consumers can make quality choices when purchasing their bottles.

However, a big challenge [The Sool Company] faces is convincing people that top-shelf Korean alcohol exists. For many new to the country, their first foray into domestic alcohol usually begins, and sometimes ends, at a convenience store, which Mr [Dan] McLaughlin said can leave people with a bad impression… 

While South Korean consumers have a long connection to makgeoilli and soju as being low quality and cheap, foreigners do not have that cultural bias. Instead of introducing them to the cheap traditional alcohol, Ms [Julia] Mellor and Mr McLaughlin want to introduce those new to Korean alcohol to the different types of alcohol they believe deserve more commercial attention globally.

Read the whole The Straits Times’ article here.




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