A Stiff Bottle of Beolddeokju

Traveling broadens the mind, exposes us to new ideas, and reminds us that we are not so different from one another. It also exposes us to unique booze that exposes itself (to us). And with the arrival of the Pyeongchang Olympics (or PF Chang Olympics, depending on who you talk to), you’d be hard up to find a foreigner who is not titillated by a bottle of Beolddeokju.

2018 Olympics

Finally: the sweet pairing of General Tso’s Chicken and Bobsledding.

Thankfully one intrepid reporter is willing to take the issue in hand. From Andrew Salmon’s Asia Times article:

But the most curious grog available in Gangwon is none of the above. That honor goes to Beolddeokju – literally, “Erection Wine”…

This stand-up beverage is not falling-down strong: At a relatively genteel 13%, Beolddeokju is hardly a stiff drink. Even so, the middle-aged lady who sells a bottle of this male-order booze to your correspondent – for research purposes, naturally – insists, with a wicked laugh, “It’s strong!”

Perhaps. There is no research indicating that it has produced any hardened drinkers, and your correspondent did not note any concrete results. Still, the experiment was not a complete flop. A rich, reddish gold in color, Beolddeokju offers a powerful nose and firm herbal flavors fleshed out with fruity notes; overall, it is invigorating.

Read the whole Asia Times article here. Or, at the very least, watch the video:


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