A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli

Becca Baldwin and Daniel Lenaghan have long been at the forefront of providing the English-speaking world with information about makgeolli home brewing. They distilled their knowledge into pamphlet form and, early in 2015, they published A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli.

I am elated to say that Becca and Daniel have graciously shared their latest labor of love with Takjoo Journals. Click on the title to download the pamphlet: A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli.

A Makgeolli Brewing Primer

Within the pamphlet’s pages, you can read about the following topics:

I. What is makgeolli?

II. Ingredients

III. Fermentation Principles

IV. Methods & Materials

V. Recipe: Danyangju

VI. Conclusion & References for Further Learning/Supplementary Materials


If you want to chat with Becca and Daniel directly, I recommend liking Makgeolli Makers, their page on Facebook. If you want to simply get in on the discussions of fellow home brewers, check out the Susubori Makgeolli Brewer’s Club on Facebook. These pages also feature information about the makgeolli brewing course that Becca and Daniel hold at Susubori Academy in Seoul.



8 thoughts on “A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli

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  2. Thank you for putting this up in an accessible forum. The torrent wasn’t getting a lot of hits and the Facebook group is still too restrictive in terms of access. This is the second best thing to having a proper e-book. Cheers.

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