Useful Links

The Sool Company

Previously the Makgeolli Mamas & Papas Korea (MMPK), The Sool Company is the place to go to if you’re even the least bit interested in Korean traditional alcohol. They still do the occasional bar review but their vision has grown in scope, positioning themselves as ambassadors for sool to the English-speaking world. Check out their site to see all the tours, classes, videos, and other events they host. You can also follow The Sool Company on facebook.


Susubori Academy

Ever wanted to make your own makgeolli? Seoul’s Susubori Academy holds multiple courses every month, including Introduction to Brewing, six intermediate courses, plus a host of supplementary classes, including tastings, nuruk making, infusions, distillation, and more. You will need a facebook account to get in on the discussion but, if you just want some quick info on the courses, check out the Susubori Makgeolli Brewer’s Club. Alternatively, you can sign up for classes through The Sool Company website.


Moon & Lion Brewing

Brian Romasky’s blog is a must if you need advice on makgeolli brewing practices and techniques. Time and again, I am impressed by his understanding of what is happening on a molecular level in a brew, and the fact that his Korean is good enough to understand Korean recipe books gives him an extra advantage. Oh, and you need to know where to source ingredients for your brew? Brian might have an answer for that too.


Jeff’s Makgeolli Series

Like Brian Romasky, Jeff Rubidge is an American with a passion for sool. On last count, he has 87 YouTube videos of bottle reviews, experiments in brewing, and a host of related topics.