Cheongjinju Yakju

Sool #75 – Cheongjinju Yakju

KOREAN NAME: 청진주 약주 REVIEW: If you attended the 3rd Jarasum Makgeolli Festival earlier this year, you may have noticed that under the same tent where the makgeolli-making classes were held, tucked behind the tables showcasing all the different bottles present at the festival, was a small corner for Cheongjinju, a yakju from the exquisitely named…

Miin Ahwang Yakju

Sool #74 – Ahwang Yakju

KOREAN NAME: 아황 약주 REVIEW: So far, the site has reviewed two bottles from Miin Brewery. Miin Takju, while not bad, is fairly forgettable apart from being a bit on the dry side. Miinju doesn’t stand out much either, but of the three, it’s probably the most balanced—the bottle to reach for if you’re looking for something for…

Duru Seoktanju

Sool #73 – Duru Seoktanju

KOREAN NAME: 두루 석탄주 REVIEW: As I mentioned in my review for Duru Samseon Takju, the one and only time I have encountered Duru Brewery was at the 15th Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo earlier this year. It’s a shame because Duru has something special and I’m guessing most people have never heard of them. It…

Jaheehyang Gookhwaju

Sool #72 – Jaheehyang Gookhwaju

KOREAN NAME: 자희향 국화주 REVIEW: Jaheehyang is on a shortlist of brewers (Midam, Joeunsul, and Ye-sul are the others that round off that list) that I turn to when I want to introduce people to sool beyond the decent store-bought stuff like Neurin Maeul or Yetnal. I already sang Jaheehyang’s praises when I reviewed their takju but…

Cheonbihyang Yakju

Sool #71 – Cheonbihyang Yakju

KOREAN NAME: 천비향 약주 THOUGHTS: Two years ago, I started branching out from makgeolli, looking for what sool lay beyond. One of my first finds on this foray was a cheongju called Gotaek Chapssal Saengju, and simply put, I was blown away. Gotaek rapidly became a staple on nights out: boozy, tasty, and infinitely drinkable. And then…

Soola Soongokju

Sool #70 – Soola Soongokju (Winter)

KOREAN NAME: 술아 순곡주 (겨울) REVIEW: From an outsider’s perspective, Soolawon does everything possible to set their brews apart from other premium sool producers. Yes, they make makgeolli and cheongju and they also attend the big events but that’s about where the comparisons stop. Soolawon, from website to product, takes great care to craft a refined, stylish,…


Sool #67 – Miinju

KOREAN NAME: 미인주 REVIEW: Miinju is the cheongju—or yakju, if you prefer—from Miin Takju. But that is really where the connection stops as Miinju is far above its takju counterpart. In many ways, it checks all the boxes for a smooth drinking cheongju. It’s boozy but not intense; flavorful but not weird or overbearing; and a pleasant…


Thai Sato

THAI NAME: Thai Sato REVIEW: While I was stuck taking care of the Takjoo Hound, Mrs. Takjoo and her mom traipsed off to Thailand for a week. But, even though I didn’t get to eat my weight in phat kaphrao or drink out of a coconut the size of my head, they were kind enough to bring me back…


Sool #65 – Midam Songhwaju

KOREAN NAME: 송화주 약주 REVIEW: From reading my review of Midam Yeonyeob Seoktanju, it’s clear that I am an unapologetic fan of Midam’s sool. After all, there’s a lot to appreciate. She runs a family owned and operated brewery dedicated to making small batches of high-end brews that are all variations on the juk, or porridge, recipe…

Jeju Omegisul

Sool #60 – Jeju Omegisul

KOREAN NAME: 제주 오메기술 REVIEW: Wandering through various department store liquor corners, a certain bottle with interesting star-burst patterns has popped up again and again. I finally decided to take a chance on Jeju Omegisul yakju and see if the taste lives up to the attractive packaging.