Sool #67 – Miinju

KOREAN NAME: 미인주 REVIEW: Miinju is the cheongju—or yakju, if you prefer—from Miin Takju. But that is really where the connection stops as Miinju is far above its takju counterpart. In many ways, it checks all the boxes for a smooth drinking cheongju. It’s boozy but not intense; flavorful but not weird or overbearing; and a pleasant…


Sool #65 – Midam Songhwaju

KOREAN NAME: 송화주 약주 REVIEW: From reading my review of Midam Yeonyeob Seoktanju, it’s clear that I am an unapologetic fan of Midam’s sool. After all, there’s a lot to appreciate. She runs a family owned and operated brewery dedicated to making small batches of high-end brews that are all variations on the juk, or porridge, recipe…

Makgeolli Hakkyo

HOUSE #09 – Makgeolli Hakkyo

KOREAN NAME: 막걸리 학교 LOCATION:  Seoul, Dongjak-gu, Isu Station (서울, 동작구, 이수역) INTRODUCTION: Makgeolli Hakkyo is, without too much exaggeration, an oasis in the makgeolli-barren wasteland that is south of the river. And even better: it is a heavy when stacked up against its more numerous—and probably better known—competition in the north. This makes sense considering Wooki,…

Jeju Omegisul

Sool #60 – Jeju Omegisul

KOREAN NAME: 제주 오메기술 REVIEW: Wandering through various department store liquor corners, a certain bottle with interesting star-burst patterns has popped up again and again. I finally decided to take a chance on Jeju Omegisul yakju and see if the taste lives up to the attractive packaging.

Pungjeong Sagye

Sool #59 – Pungjeong Sagye Chun

KOREAN NAME: 풍정 사계 춘 REVIEW: Pungjeong Sagye Chun (PSC) cheongju is one of the unexpectedly delightful finds that I came across at COEX’s Wines & Spirits Expo 2016. Hwayang’s booth was not ostentatious, nor did they make an overt effort to attract visitors. Even after stopping and asking for a sample, the rep at the booth simply let PSC do…

Sejong Daewang Eoju Yakju

Sool #55 – Sejong Daewang Eoju Yakju

  KOREAN NAME: 세종대왕 어주 약주 REVIEW: After lots of disappointment with the brews on offer at COEX’s Food Week Korea 2015, I was pleasantly surprised to run into “traditional liquor teacher” Jang Jung-su, the owner and master brewer behind Jangheui Doga. Jang explained that Jangheui has two main brews, a Yakju and Takju (read: makgeolli)…

Jirisan Gookhwaju

Sool #54 – Jirisan Gookhwaju

  KOREAN NAME: 지리산 국화주 REVIEW: Curious bottles that I’ve never seen before make me both excited and circumspect. And more often than not, my hesitancy is confirmed with a bad bottle. Jirisan Gookhwaju isn’t bad, per se, but it is firmly in the camp of weird Korean booze that you would drink on a dare…

Aoi Sora

HOUSE #08 – Aoi Sora

KOREAN NAME: 아오이 소라 LOCATION:  Seoul, Itaewon (서울, 이태원) LOOK & ATMOSPHERE: If you take a walk down the street behind Itaewon’s mosque, you’ll see a curious sight. Shabby hardware stores, halal restaurants, ddeokbokki joints, and artists’ tiny studio-shops are all crammed into a weird, mixed up little alley that makes you feel like you’ve entered…

Food Week Korea 2015 Review

Food Week Korea 2015 Review

Last year, COEX’s Food Week Korea featured something I called the Makgeolli Expo but may have actually been Korean Traditional Liquor Grand Festival. Either way, it was really, truly awesome – just check the review! If you weren’t in attendance at last year’s event, it is difficult to do justice to how exceptional it was. Loads of brewers…