Duru Samseon Takju

Sool #69 – Duru Samseon Takju

KOREAN NAME: 두루 삼선 탁주 REVIEW: I first came across Duru Brewery at the 15th Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo. One sip of their sool and I knew I had found my new brewery of the con. Based in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, Duru Brewery is in good company; two Takjoo Journals favorites—Midam Brewery and Ye-sul Brewery—also…

Wines & Spirits Expo 2017

15th Wines & Spirits Expo 2016: Preview

April is a curious month in Seoul. The weather gets warmer but the smog is typically at its peak. The cherry blossoms turn the city a lovely whitish-pink but then a day later a spring shower leaves the branches bare. But there is one thing Seoulites can look forward to without exception: the Seoul International…

2016 Fall Makgeolli Events

2016 Fall Makgeolli Events

UPDATED 9.27 The summer temperatures are receding and the leaves are changing color. This can only mean one thing: MAKGEOLLI FESTIVALS! Strangely enough, there has not been too much buzz (or even information) about certain events listed here so if you see something you’re interested in, be sure to check back regularly for updates. JARASUM MAKGEOLLI…

14th Wines & Spirits Expo 2016: Review

Nearly two months later, I finally decided that my thoughts on the 14th Wines & Spirits Expo had aged enough (i.e., I was finally sober enough) and I was ready to write! Straight up front, this was one of the best traditional alcohol, or sool, events that I have been to. Really, the only competition…

Spring Events Are Brewing!

A big, big thank you to Makgeolli Mamas & Papas Korea (MMPK) for the news about a whole slew of spring festivals, events, and exhibitions. Honestly, with all that’s going on, April feels like the new October!   14th SEOUL INTERNATIONAL WINES & SPIRITS EXPO 2016 Time: Saturday, April 23 (10 am – 5 pm)…

Sejong Daewang Eoju Yakju

Sool #55 – Sejong Daewang Eoju Yakju

  KOREAN NAME: 세종대왕 어주 약주 REVIEW: After lots of disappointment with the brews on offer at COEX’s Food Week Korea 2015, I was pleasantly surprised to run into “traditional liquor teacher” Jang Jung-su, the owner and master brewer behind Jangheui Doga. Jang explained that Jangheui has two main brews, a Yakju and Takju (read: makgeolli)…

Food Week Korea 2015 Review

Food Week Korea 2015 Review

Last year, COEX’s Food Week Korea featured something I called the Makgeolli Expo but may have actually been Korean Traditional Liquor Grand Festival. Either way, it was really, truly awesome – just check the review! If you weren’t in attendance at last year’s event, it is difficult to do justice to how exceptional it was. Loads of brewers…

Fall Makgeolli Events

2015 Fall Makgeolli Events

Autumn is a wonderful season in Korea. The falling mercury signals cooling temperatures, the hues of the leaves change to burnt auburns and golds, and brewers rally together for the finest makgeolli events (ok, possibly the only makgeolli events) in the world. Here’s a list of the big three happening this year:

COEX Wines & Spirits Expo 2015

The Wine & Spirits Expo 2015 at COEX is happening this weekend. According to buzz, there will be a Korean Traditional Alcoholic Beverage section to the festival. There never seems to be a lot of information or forewarning when it comes to COEX conventions but check the link for more info (if you read Korean).